Friday, September 22, 2023
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Sony has sold 40 million PS5s around the world

That the PS5 is insanely popular has never been in doubt. Chip shortages, blamed on the effects of the pandemic, which ended up affecting the entire global tech supply chain resulted in the console’s 2020 launch being marred by shortages with would-be buyers unable to lay their hands on units and when they could do so, having to part with higher amounts of money than they normally would.

Fast-forward nearly three years later and, it appears, those days are all behind us now. With supply chain issues sorted, it seems that not even the sky is a limit for the PlayStation 5 which has now seen over 40 million units sold around the world.

“With the support of PlayStation fans, we have reached a milestone of 40 million PS5 consoles sold through* to gamers since launch,” Sony says in a statement.

Sony says that there are now over 2,500 PS5 games available.



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