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ChatGPT gets an iPhone app, you can’t use it in Kenya, yet

The Android app is coming soon

ChatGPT, the conversational chatbot from OpenAI that has gone viral since its release last year, is now available in app form. No, not in any of those malicious apps that bedevil Google’s Play Store. Rather, in a proper application from its maker, Open AI.

The app, which is only available on Apple’s iOS platform at the moment, is only available to ChatGPT users in the United States.

The app is expected to be made available in other countries soon.

An Android version is also said to be on the way and is expected soon.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which incorporates ChatGPT, has an app on both major mobile platforms.

On iOS, the app can be downloaded, installed and used for free on iPhones and iPads.

It syncs chat history with the web version and even includes an option for voice input thanks to Whisper, Open AI’s open-source speech recognition model.

In February, Open AI launched ChatGPT Plus, a paid tier (USD 20 per month) of the popular conversational chatbot that guaranteed users more uptime even at peak times, faster responses and prioritized access to new features. Recently, we have seen ChatGPT Plus users reap from the latter advantage (front-row access to new features) by getting responses from the new GPT-4 which is the latest large language model (LLM), visual input (not just text, even pictures), longer input and output text, access to plugins and even having ChatGPT go online!

The launch of the app comes just days after Google finally made its own conversational AI tool, Bard, available all around the world (except in the EU where regulatory issues due to privacy concerns need to be ironed out first) at I/O, its annual developer conference.



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