Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Kenya Premier League partners with Kasuku to offer NFTs

The Kenya Premier League has announced a partnership with tech startup Kasuku to launch a new KPL NFT token, where the collectable designs will be unique and dynamic and capture ideas and emotions on a two-dimensional surface. The designs will also change over time.

Kasuku will be Africa’s first “agile augmented marketplace”. The platform’s aim is to redefine access to the metaverse with integrated wallets by making sure users no longer have to navigate through multiple applications and provide non-crypto access.

The platform is extremely affordable offering a unique token system that rewards both buyers and sellers for every purchase, as well as a community-based governance protocol giving everyone a voice.

Kasuku will also provide artists in Kenya and Africa with a platform to showcase their work globally. Curated galleries for the highest quality artwork and institutions, as well as private exhibitions and customizable personal galleries for collectors.

The Kenya Premier League (KPL) joins a growing number of recognized football organizations that have ventured into the NFT marketplace. As the market for football/sports NFT’s evolves, the KPL and Kasuku are committed to giving power back to the fans.



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