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M-Pesa payments coming to the Nairobi Expressway in 2023

15th January 2023 is the magic date

M-Pesa payments are coming to the Nairobi Expressway next year.

This is according to the Moja Expressway Company CEO who confirmed that plans are underway.

“We recently put great effort with the M-Pesa team and by January 15, 2023, you do not need to carry cash as M-Pesa will officially be availed as a payment option on the Nairobi Expressway,” the CEO is quoted saying.

Since its launch, motorists have had two means of making payments to use the Expressway: manually using cash that is paid at the toll booths at exit points on the Expressway and electronically using either the cards issued by the Expressway operator or the onboard unit (OBU). Both the card and the OBU have to be topped up electronically through various means, including M-Pesa.

The M-Pesa payment option at the Nairobi Expressway will affect the MTC (manual toll collection) side of things that is currently cash-only.



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