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Twitter announces Twitter Blue for Business

Twitter is rolling out Twitter Blue for Business, “a new way for businesses and their affiliates to verify and distinguish themselves on Twitter.”

“We are taking Twitter Blue’s rollout as an opportunity to further enhance and distinguish businesses on Twitter,” a statement posted by Twitter reads, referring to the recent re-enabling of Twitter Blue, after having disabled it previously to sort out issues that arose after the service became the vehicle through which the platform offered its paying subscribers blue verified checkmarks.

The relaunched Twitter Blue offers subscribers (who have to part with USD 8 or USD 11 per month depending on how they choose to pay) 1080p video uploads, a reader mode, the ability to edit tweets as well as a blue verification checkmark once their account has been reviewed by Twitter.

Twitter Blue for Business allows companies to add to their profiles the accounts of individuals like staff members who are associated with them. When they do that, the accounts of the said individuals will get a small badge of their company’s profile picture next to their issued blue or gold verification checkmark.

Twitter Blue (and, by extension Twitter Blue for Business) is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom at this time.



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