Monday, February 26, 2024
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Twitter Blue relaunching, at higher cost to those who subscribe from App Store

Verification badges are not automatic this time around

As expected, Twitter Blue is, from this Monday, relaunching.

The service, which initially cost USD 8 is keeping that pricing but, users who subscribe from Apple’s App Store, as we had noted, will have to part with more money and will end up paying USD 11.

This is so because Twitter wants to avoid having to pay Apple for its 30% cut for any purchases made via its platform. Those who choose to activate their subscription from other platforms like the web will pay the original USD 8.

Twitter Blue offers users an ad-free experience, a dedicated reader mode that allows them to read tweets, especially threads, without any clutter, among other features. The most notable feature for many, which justifies paying the USD 8 subscription fee, is the bundled blue checkmark verification mark, which is highly coveted.

However, due to the crisis that ensued when Twitter first included verification with Twitter Blue subscriptions which led to its suspension, Twitter is not issuing automatic verification badges. Users have to undergo vetting. The same vetting will have to be done when they, later on, choose to change their handles.



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