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Twitter Blue to cost more on mobile apps than on the web thanks to Apple

Twitter Blue, the subscription service that has been around on Twitter since last year, is front and centre of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s plans to turn around the social app’s fortunes and make money.

It is Twitter Blue that Musk turned to to roll out an aggressive campaign that will see the company issue the coveted blue checkmark verifications to anyone who can pay – even though that is on hold, at least for now.

Twitter Blue, before Musk’s takeover in October, comprised several features to its subscribers that were not available to users of good old regular Twitter. Things like ‘bookmark folders’ to help users organize their bookmarked content, ‘undo tweet’ to allow users to set a 30-second timer that allowed them to go back and edit a tweet before it went live and a ‘reader mode’ akin to what you get when use a feature of a similar name on a web browser: a clean beautiful reading experience devoid of unnecessary clutter. And, no ads.

All of these features, which had existed for about Kshs 300 before Musk’s buyout of Twitter, and which now cost about Kshs 1,000, will still be on the table for less than the said Kshs 1,000 when Twitter Blue resumes – whenever that will be. That is true for those who use the web to activate their Twitter Blue subscription. For those who will do so from the Apple App Store, it will cost more.

According to reports, Twitter, in a bid to get around Apple’s 30% App Store cut, will, instead, transfer that burden to the subscribers. So, if you have an iPhone or iPad and activate Twitter Blue from the App Store instead of the browser, that will cost you about Kshs 1,350 per prevailing forex rates.

Twitter Blue was introduced in June 2021 in a handful of countries like Australia and Canada before expansion later on. Recently, after Musk’s buyout, it was revamped in November 2022 before being taken off after instances of abuse of the verification feature it offered as part of the revamp.



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