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E-commerce platform Kapu launched in Kenya by ex-Jumia staff

Kapu, a new e-commerce platform, has officially been launched in Kenya.

The new online platform is focussing on groceries, targeting the average Kenyan that gets their groceries from a neighbourhood grocery store (a “kibanda”) but at non-kibanda prices i.e. wholesale prices.

Kapu was founded by former senior executives at Jumia Kenya, a leading e-commerce platform. Its CEO, Sam Chappatte, is a former CEO at Jumia Kenya. As are several other members of the company’s leadership team.

Kapu sources these groceries from farms and other suppliers to create a low-cost logistics model and so that it is able to pass on some savings to the customer in line with its vision of helping lower the cost of living for Kenyans.

Kapu has been in operation for a while during a soft launch period and already boasts over 1,500 gents within Nairobi. As of this time, the agents are located in parts of Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

In order to get started on Kapu, one needs to dial *789*8#in order to register on the platform. Once that is done, they will be able to order from the nearest Kapu agent in their neighbourhood. Kapu is offering a Kshs 50 cashback on the first order for newly-registered customers.

Kapu says that orders made before 9pm on any day via WhatsApp will be fulfilled the following at no cost to the customer (i.e. no delivery fees are charged).



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