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This spreadsheet provides a cool way to follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup the nerdy way

The World Cup is ongoing in the Gulf nation of Qatar.

The global football tournament that is organized by FIFA and held every 4 years, as usual, is hogging all the limelight and attention right now.

If you’re one of the billions of football-crazed fans or just a math/numbers nerd, there’s a very cool way to follow the World Cup. How about a pre-prepared spreadsheet that, when fed with the correct scores from the matches, auto-populates and gives you the correct upcoming fixtures?

You know, like, we are just exiting the tournament’s first round (group matches) and everyone is eager to know which teams are advancing from which group, which ones are remaining and which ones will play which ones in the second round.

All of that is easy with this spreadsheet.

Even better, the aforementioned spreadsheet is beautifully presented on the web. It is also available in multiple languages and, interested users can even download it as a spreadsheet for manipulation later or a portable document for printing or other use cases. There are a bunch of tutorials on how to use the resources on the site, as well.



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